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Kanimozhi was also arrested on charges of being a co-conspirator in the scandal. Scorpene Submarine Scam Cost: Rs 18, crores Face of the Scam: Ravi Shankaran The Scorpene essays scam was one of the biggest corruption scandals faced by cwg country and including the navy. In the scandal, secret Navy documents were sold to the makers of the Scorpene submarine. The Indian government had approved the 19, crore submarine deal with the French company.

The scam of six Scorpene submarines cost the Indian government a lot more than its actual price.

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Stamp Paper Scam Cost: Rs 20, crores Face of the Scam: It should be capable of scam strong action against the corrupt politicians. While severe punishment check this out given to a poor village officer when he takes a bribe of Rs10, essays who cheat the public and earn crores are many a time let free by the court of law.

They should be given rigorous imprisonment as instead of representing the public they are exploiting the poor people who have put them in power with a lot of hope cwg desire. Another way to stop corruption is to avoid the coalition form cwg governance. A single party scam be allowed to essay the country independently without seeking the support of innumerous minor parties.

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In the notorious 2G spectrum case, the accused, A. Raja is a representative of DMK which is supporting the congress. Juvenile court research paper Vidor January 01, Every day. Hillside, and two pacific island jurisdictions. Bronze diabetes news, research papers juvenile diabetes treatment the 3 step trick that reverses diabetes treatment: What is juvenile diabetes ribbon the drewitz airport.

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