Arthindo Utama

Arthindo Crew

Company Overview

PT Arthindo Utama established in 15 October 1982 by four splendid businessmen: oleh Hatta Rajasa, Bambang Sukarsono, Alimin Abdullah dan Affan Machmud. Started as an agro business company, then expanded to provide operational support for oil rigs, specialised in tubular inspection.

In 1985, PT Arthindo Utama held a mutual contract with PT Pertamina in commencing Inspect & Repair Substructure for Pertamina’s 80bm rig in Prabumulih, South Sumatera. Circa 1987, the company supported Oil Field Track transportation for PT Pertamina Pendopo, South Sumatera.

Next, PT Arthindo Utama decided to own and to self-operate rigs. The first is Rig Wilson Mogul 42B located in Muara Enim, co-operating with North Field. Few years later, added another operation rig, Rig Frank Cabot in Cepu, Central Java. In 1987, the company’s rig was leased to PT Sani Utama for oil operation in Duri, Pekanbaru, co-operating with PT Caltex Pacific Indonesia.